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Thetford Australia

Phone: 03 9358 0700
Address: Unit 3, 5-7 Adrian Rd, CAMPBELLFIELD, VIC, 3061
Website: www.thetford.com.au

Thetford is a market leader in mobile sanitary solutions serving major caravan and motor home manufacturers, caravan and motor home dealers, specialty and Do-It-Yourself stores, and importers/distributors.

Thetford continuously optimize the environmental performance of their products and activities and ensure that their products satisfy the highest environmental and efficiency standards.

Thetford have four major product groups including:

Toilets by Thetford come in two variations; portable and built-in. Portable toilet brands by Thetford are Porta Potti and Campa Potti and provide sanitary comfort anytime, anywhere. No sewage and water hook-up is required. Built-in toilets, or cassette toilets, are mainly sold to caravan and motor home manufacturers. Over 90% of new caravans and motor homes in Europe are equipped with a toilet, nearly all from Thetford.

Refrigerators by Thetford have been manufactured for the European market since 2002. Customization is possible, resulting in over 100 variations. Thetford refrigerators are the most contemporary in the market, featuring amongst other things an LCD-display.

Toilet additives (fluids & sachets) by Thetford guarantee trouble-free use of the Porta Potti and Campa Potti. They break down waste and control odors. Thetford also offers Aqua Soft toilet paper, which dissolves quickly and thus prevents clogging.

Maintenance products by Thetford get the most difficult cleaning jobs done. From washing the exterior of the caravan or motor home to lubricating seals, locks, hinges, awning rails and even bicycles, let Thetford do the job.

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